Present Challenges to Our Past

Some history costs nothing to keep. Cultures, place names, and traditions give links to the past that physical objects can't. Yet many are still lost to ignorance, prejudice, greed, or callousness.

A recent proposal was made to name a small "un-named tributary to Swover Creek". Apparently only the USGS was unaware of it! Area genealogists and historians lost no time in showing that Beason's Branch was the name since the late 1700s.

Thanks to all of you in resolving this.

In 1910 a plat was deeded for a 'Colored Cemetery' on Route 758. Shenandoah County's few blacks have used the cemetery for burials from that time until well after desegregation. When the County switched from road numbers to names, the road became Cemetery Road.

Recent news indicates some people want to change that name. The wished-for change would name the road after a wealthy local family. Supposed advantages would be a "more desirable" name and attracting more buyers for local housing development proposed on the road.

As always, your County Supervisors welcome your opinion.

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