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This is my personal site, a project intended to focus on Shenandoah County. A lot of the focus is on keeping a rural culture --farming in particular-- as a practical way of life choice; preserving our history and natural resources in combination with improving the economy.

All Virginia counties are required to have a Comprehensive Plan as a general guide to physical growth. Many circumstances change in time the plan anticipates; the economy, climate, transportation, government policies, and population growth. As Supervisor, my responsibility is to steer toward those goals.

Future is what WILL happen; what WILL come to pass and what we MAKE happen. I can predict that we all get older. Then again, many present-day actions have obvious future effects. This is where you'll find policy and principles; the closest thing to a platform.

The Future also has subjects that haven't completely happened but are happening; things that are constants, continuous, inevitable, and eternal. Here is advice and guidance, goals and objectives, hopes, and of course our dreams.